TREND January 2015 Full Line Catalog : Page 142

c o k e P t s Va r i e t y c i f i r r Te lin' Pockets Fu ll of Fu n ™ s k c Pa Sticker Labels Labels superShapes Stickers 10 designs • 80 stickers/pack • p. 153 T46339 $2.49 pack Sty Terrific Pockets ™ Variety Packs Designed for easy loading Pockets with purpose! Organize spaces, play games, and deliver learning in style. Just the right size to hold a generous stack of cards, including TREND Pocket Flash Cards and Skill Drill Flash Cards! Store game pieces, messages, reward tokens, and bookmarks. Durable, acid-free pockets feature high tabs to prevent catching or tearing. Perfect for classroom, home, office, and more. • 4 designs, 40 pockets • 3 1 ⁄ 2 " x 5 1 ⁄ 4 " $6.99 pack Moroccan T77909 Stripe-tacular T77910 Pocket Pals T77908 Polka Dots T77903 Wavy T77904 Leopard T77902 Bright Colors T77905 Black & White T77901 Reptile T77907 Looking Sharp T77906 142 1.800.860.6762 |

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