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T92378 Terrific Trimmers® The Original Trimmer Company! Daisy Delight T92822 Vibrant, contemporary designs create warm, inviting spaces, tickle imaginations, and bring learning to life! Layer patterns on solids, sparkles, or metallics, or use as-is to showcase student work in style, make funky crowns and bookmarks, and engage and delight. The perfect finishing touch for whiteboards, reward charts, calendars … any display. Durable and reusable. T92664 p. 33 Solid Terrifc Trimmers ® 2 1 ⁄ 4 " x 39' per pack $2.99 pack Pattern Terrifc Trimmers ® 2 1 ⁄ 4 " x 39' per pack $2.99 pack Super Dots Disco T92825 Sunshine T92829 Hot Pink T91256 Teal T92857 Yellow T9876 Lime T92856 Blueberry T92859 Razzberry T92858 Blue T9873 Coral T92376 Black Cherry T92848 Orange T9880 Green T9875 Stripe-tacular Groovy T92830 Cool Blue T92831 Sky Blue T92378 Gold T91320 Chocolate T92351 Purple T91255 Red T9877 Cheerful T92832 Snazzy Red T92833 White T9883 Black T9872 Kelly Green T91316 Candy T92824 Party Time T92823 Maroon T91315 Royal Blue T91318 Special Offers & Free Gift Exc l u s i ve Digital catalog | B right ‘ n B old T90850 $11.49 pack 31

Terrific Trimmers®

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